Hello, and welcome! I’m delighted that you have come to learn more about the Charlotte Anthony mysteries and some of the other things I’ve written. There’s a blog with writing-related posts, and there’s a newsletter you can sign up for. The site is a work in progress; over time I’ll add a Cast of Characters for the series, a map of Elm Grove and its environs, and quite possibly other things. Thank you so much for discovering Charlotte and I hope you have enjoyed reading her stories as much as I have had writing them.
-Meg Wolfe

An Undisclosed Vocation

I am very excited by progress on the third book in the Charlotte Anthony Mystery series, An Undisclosed Vocation The first four pages can be found here. As you will see, this one certainly starts with a bang!

We have also worked on the cover and feel that we are getting very close to the final version. Shamus the cat is there as always of course.

What others say about The Charlotte Anthony Mysteries

“Intelligent, inventive, and very well written, An Uncollected Death kept me reading long into the night and enjoying every word. Keep your eye on Meg Wolfe. She’s a writer to watch.” Susan Wittig Albert, author of Death Come Quickly and A Wilder Rose

“What a fun debut mystery! In An Uncollected Death, author Meg Wolfe skillfully weaves together my favorite elements from both cozy mysteries and women’s fiction.” M. Louisa Locke, author of The Victorian San Francisco Mystery Series

“Charlotte Anthony is such a warm, smart protagonist, easy to get to know and connect with. An Unexamined Wife is a splendidly satisfying mystery brimming with cleverness and humor.”
–Elizabeth Craig, author of Shear Trouble and Death Pays a Visit

An Uncollected Death

An Uncollected Death was my debut novel and will always have a special place in my heart. Luckily, others appear to have enjoyed the book as much as I did – at least judging by the reviews and my email inbox! Much more here including what the story is about (no spoilers though- promise) and the first couple of pages.

An Unexamined Wife

For some reason artists of all stripes often struggle with their second release. This is especially true in the music world where the second album is often the hardest if not an out-and-out career breaker. An Unexamined Wife certainly presented its share of problems but, all things considered, I am more than happy with the end result. More including the first few hundred words can be found here

Short Fiction

Prior to writing the Charlotte Anthony Mysteries I self published a small book of flash fiction stories. The book was published on Amazon in 2012 but suffered the same fate as just about all flash fiction published there – it didn’t sell many copies. I have a soft spot for this collection so have decided to publish it here, on my web site, rather than let it languish in the Amazon backwaters.

Anyway, here is the collection in its entirety. I hope that you enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. The whole collection is only about seven thousand words long.