An Unexamined Wife is Now Available in Print

box of my books

This is a great feeling!

Once again, I got a big kick out of seeing my novel in print, this time the second Charlotte Anthony mystery, An Unexamined Wife. The Kindle edition was published right before Christmas, and many other things required our attention around here before we could set aside the time to do another edit, a layout, and then a proofread of the layout. I love the cover, the font, the off-white paper, just everything.

It takes Amazon a while to synchronize the print and Kindle editions, so if you go to the book’s Kindle page, it doesn’t yet show anywhere to click for the print on as of this writing. Click HERE to get to the right page.

To celebrate both the print edition of this book and the first publication anniversary of the first book, An Uncollected Death, the Kindle edition of An Unexamined Wife will be on sale for $0.99 on February 26, 27, and 28. This is a good time to get it more cheaply for yourself or for a gift. Of course, the print edition is something you can actually wrap 🙂

The third book, An Undisclosed Vocation, is coming along nicely, 30K words in. This week I’m writing the part that finally gives us the story of Charlotte’s background–her parents and other relatives, and her life all the way up to meeting Jack Anthony. I’m having a lot of fun writing this book. It was worth it to spend all of January just working on the plot.

Thanks so much to everyone who purchased my books and additional thanks to those who have left such great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, as well. The more the merrier. Oh, one more thing, in case you didn’t know, I also have an author’s page on Facebook, and post there more often than here.

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