Almost Time for the Next Charlotte Mystery!

Chugging the coffee.

The publication day for An Uncharted Corpse is less than a week away. No rest for the weary, either, as I am immersed in final proofreading of both the print and ebook editions. My eyes are tired, but I’m determined to catch as many errors and typos as I can.

Just this morning, I got an email from my beta reader Linda, who finished reading an Advance Review Copy of the book, and she caught a couple more clunkers, for which I’m everlastingly grateful. Now I’m being a pest to the guys who are helping me lay out the book for publication as I find this, find that, change my mind about long-established things, and just generally being an indie author in the throes of pre-publication jitters. It’ll pass, guys–honest!

How to celebrate when the book is finally, finally done and live and out there in the big wide world? There’s a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the back of the fridge. Some first-rate chocolate will have to be procured, and perhaps some fine salami. And then after that it will be time to slap together plans for Christmas Day and to finish wrapping presents for my granddaughter.

For today, however, I’m just so grateful to all the help I’ve had on this book, all the support and technical expertise. And grateful, too, for every single one of my readers. Yes, YOU. 🙂

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