I was a non-fiction writer long before I made the leap into fiction. To date I have produced three best selling books, two about cooking and one about our attitude to stuff:

Minimalist Cooking

The 27 simple recipes in this book are the basis for building an intuitive and confident approach to cooking. Sections include Breads, Main Courses, Pastas, Skillet Suppers, Salads, Veggies and Desserts, made with easily obtained and economical ingredients and prepared with a minimum of equipment. The focus is on the cooking process, great for those who are just starting to cook, or for more experienced cooks who are burned out and want to simplify their whole approach to cooking.
Minimalist Cooking – 27 Practical Recipes

Minimalist Cooking 2

Minimalist Cooking 2 – 27 More Practical Recipes is the follow up book to Minimalist Cooking – 27 Practical Recipes. In this book the emphasis is very much on one pot meals,pies and sweet and savory muffins. As with the first book there is a comprehensive introductory section dealing with equipment techniques and ingredients.

As with the first book this edition is aimed at the person who is starting out on their cooking journey but who wants to learn how to do more than set a microwave and operate a tin opener.
Minimalist Cooking 2 – 27 More Practical Recipes

Having it all

The book is divided into three main parts, each one focusing on a concept and a project that work toward understanding our consumer-based culture and how to step back from it. This detachment creates enough freedom in your life and mind to experience real contentment. Contentment is the key–it is not complacency, but more akin to satisfaction and cherishing.
The Minimalist Woman’s Guide to Having it All

I also have a blog where I cover the whole minimalism thing: Minimalist Woman