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Solving a Personal Mystery

This year so far hasn’t gone quite as planned. Does it ever? But the fifth Charlotte Anthony mystery novel is well underway, and while I can’t announce a publication date or anything, it’s still on track for release some time next spring. And I know the title:¬†An Uninvited Quest. My last post, about Acceptance, announced my intentions for this year–to be less reclusive, to work smarter, not harder, and to get out and do things, for both work and play. I made many plans, bought tickets, joined organizations, and actually looked forward to everything. Well, um, it didn’t quite […]

My New Word for 2017: Acceptance

Making New Year’s resolutions has never really worked for me, even when I manage to keep them.Then a few years ago I began coming up with a single word for the year, a word which would encompass everything that led to a particular goal or state of being. I don’t always choose “lofty” words, either. Last year’s word was Earn–earn more money, of course, but also in the sense of earning more readers. It was a successful year in both ways, as there was a solid uptick in both earnings and readership. This year’s word also has more than […]

Now Available on Amazon: An Uncharted Corpse

Happy Winter Solstice! An Uncharted Corpse, the fourth book of the Charlotte Anthony mysteries, is now available on Amazon, in both print and Kindle editions. It’s a nice long book to curl up with on winter days and nights ūüôā

Almost Time for the Next Charlotte Mystery!

The publication day for An Uncharted Corpse is less than a week away. No rest for the weary, either, as I am immersed in final proofreading of both the print and ebook editions. My eyes are tired, but I’m determined to catch as many errors and typos as I can. Just this morning, I got an email from my beta reader Linda, who finished reading an Advance Review Copy of the book, and she caught a couple more clunkers, for which I’m everlastingly grateful. Now I’m being a pest to the guys who are helping me lay out the […]

Call for Advance Reviewers: The Big Red Mug Club

Mark your calendars for the week of December 19th! That is when the new Charlotte Anthony mystery,¬†An Uncharted Corpse,¬†will be available on Amazon. It’s also time to recruit new members for the Big Red Mug Club. The BRMC consists of those wonderful readers who help me by posting reviews of the new book the day it goes live.¬†Of course it goes without saying that these reviews must be honest, but they really do help a book to gain visibility on Amazon. How do you read and review a book that isn’t published yet? By requesting a free Advance Review […]

Cover Reveal: An Uncharted Corpse

Announcing the upcoming publication of the fourth Charlotte Anthony mystery, An Uncharted Corpse. The strange appearance of a mummy at a conference sets off a chain of events with repercussions that go far beyond the staid world of academia. A suspicious death, a secret code, and a powerful sect combine to intimately connect the past to the present. As in the previous novels, the action takes place in Elm Grove and features characters both new and familiar. Charlotte’s daughter, Ellis, returns to the typical small Midwestern town much more grown up than when she left, attracting the attention of […]

Anxiety and the Writing Life

This has been a long year of anxiety attacks, despite the fact that there hasn’t been much cause for it in my life. All around me, things have been rolling along pretty much as usual, but inside of me it has been a different story. Now, a certain amount of anxiety can be useful. For instance, the awareness of time running out can cause anxiety, but it can also be a good motivator. I’m in my sixties, and the awareness that I don’t have forever is part of what gets me up at five or six in the morning […]

At the Midpoint of a Novel

I’ve hit the midpoint of a new novel, and that’s always a good time to come up for air and take a look around. “Coming up for air” literally as well as figuratively. After my last post–four months ago–I came down with yet another head and chest cold that lingered and eventually morphed into bronchitis. Went to the doc, got the meds, stopped the hacking–and kept on feeling terrible. Work was a slog. Social plans fell to the side. Then my doc decided to leave town and I had to shop for a new one. My new doctor, a […]

The Really Important Stuff

I’ve tried three different times to write a blog post in the past month, and each time it just didn’t feel right, somehow. The one I just deleted before starting the one you’re reading now was 823 words long, about a new writing process I am trying out. But it felt like I was trying to avoid writing about the¬†really important stuff. A bad cold knocked me off my stride in January, surprising because I am usually¬†able to keep working through the ups and downs of health. Things like the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman made me […]

The Consistency of Sixty-One Christmases

This is my sixty-first Christmas season, and a rather nice one. I’ve been mindful and even frugal for the past several holidays, but this year I had an inexplicably overwhelming urge to do a little more. A lot of it is because my granddaughter Ellie is twenty-two months old and clearly comprehends that something nifty is going on. She’s a third-generation only child, so there’s none of that houseful of screaming kids hilarity that I recall from holiday visits to my mother’s sister’s family. But there’s a tall Christmas tree with many lights, an “E” (for Ellie) ornament, cookies, […]