The Charlotte Anthony Mysteries Bible

Welcome to the series “bible,” a compendium of the characters and places featured in any and all of the Charlotte mysteries. My intent is to create a bible for my own use, right here on this page–and which you can use, too. After there are sufficient entries, I’ll find some way of organizing them.

Charlotte Anthony

Maiden name: Kleid. Age at beginning of series: just turned 47. Divorced from Jack Anthony for ten years. One daughter, Ellis, age 16. 5′ 10, 140-ish pounds. Shoulder-length ash brown hair with some gray. Needs reading glasses. Coffee addict who actually prefers tea and red wine. Has favorite large red mug. We know very little about her past prior to marrying Jack, other than that she attended Corton University and studied English and Art, and was close friends with Hannah Verhagen, who later went on to a successful career and painted “Blossoming” for Charlotte. Former university instructor who went on to become an editor and writer for two national design industry magazines which folded during the economic downturn. Empty nester. Forced to downsize from posh house in Lake Parkerton to one-room walkup apartment in Elm Grove. One boyfriend since divorce, Brian, who was killed in Iraq. Lives frugally and is building new career as freelance writer, researcher, and editor. Drives old Jeep.

Helene Dalmier

Maiden name: Bernadin. Age at beginning of series: 80-ish. Widow of well-known architect Paul Dalmier, who founded Lake Parkerton. Retired concert pianist and teacher, now living in condo in Elm Grove. Born in Paris, grew up in Monte Carlo and later Manhattan. Has one sister, Olivia Targman.


Age at start of series: 2? Very large tuxedo cat at The Good Stuff gift shop. Adopted by Charlotte. Or possibly the other way around.

Jimmy Frobisher

Owner of The Coffee Grove. Age: around 70. Lanky, gray ponytail and beard, wire-rimmed glasses. Soft-spoken but seems to have ways of making things happen.

Diane Pellegato

CPA with her own company. Age: 35. Medium height, dark brown bobbed hair and big glasses. Bubbly yet deep-voiced, somewhat stout but light on her feet. Charlotte’s friend and accountant for ten years or so.

Simon Norwich

Famous British photographer, on a teaching stint at Corton University. Helene Dalmier’s friend and neighbor. Late 40’s, quite tall, shaggy blond rock star hair.

Donovan Targman

Son of Helene Dalmier’s sister Olivia. Mid-50’s, underweight, wears glasses, has dark auburn hair that sticks up a couple of inches before flopping over to the side. Has not had an easy life.

Lola McKennie

Real estate agent for Bysell Realty, listing agent for Charlotte’s Lake Parkerton house. Late 30’s or early 40’s, toned, wears snug clothes and spike heels, has a southern drawl.